How Much Would 50 Eager, Qualified IUL Leads A Month Be Worth To You?
If you're already selling Indexed Universal Life Insurance , then you know that it's not just a great product for your customers, it's also a great product for your paycheck. Every new policy you write could easily be worth $5,000 to $15,000 or more in commissions, propelling you into the elite tier of earners ($250,000 plus) on just 2 or 3 policies a month. If the average policy were worth $10,000 in commissions, and you could close just 15% of your leads, 50 leads a month would be worth over $900,000 a year. 50 Leads could make you close to a million dollar earner! The math is easy. Finding good leads--leads that are qualified and ready to convert--on the other hand, is a bit more difficult.
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Two Major Problems Keeping You From Elite Status
The first problem, of course, is getting enough leads. Referrals are nice, but you never seem to get enough of them. And even if referrals are keeping you busy, there's no good way to get IUL leads from a reliable outside source. All the "lead sellers" on the Internet sell cheap, low quality leads generated from online sources... almost none of which have ever even HEARD of IUL. Think about it: when was the last time you even heard someone even CLAIMING to sell good IUL leads? They just aren't available...until now.
The second problem is really the underlying problem: nobody knows what the heck Indexed Universal Life is. Consumers aren't searching Google for IUL because they don't even realize it's an option. That's why none of the online lead sellers have IUL leads. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that people's eyes glaze over and they go into "bored coma" mode as soon as they find out what IUL stands for. They assume that it's just another version of all the other life insurances they've already heard about a million times and either a) already purchased, or b) decided they didn't want. Variable Life, Universal Life, Whole Life... whatever. The insurance carriers themselves haven't figured out a way to intelligently talk about IUL without either confusing or alienating their prospects. So this fantastic product, IUL, just sits there on your shelf, gathering dust. Until now.
Not Just Leads... Quality Leads That Actually Understand IUL & Want To Purchase It
Our approach is different. We don't generate any of our leads from Internet search; our leads all come from traditional media such as radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and direct mail. We don't advertise for people to call to compare quotes and look for the best deal. Instead, our ads speak to people who currently have qualified plans but don't realize the tax and risk pitfalls they will inevitably face. Our ads ask prospects to CALL a toll-free phone number and speak to a real human being to request a FREE DVD that explains what IUL is. The video speaks in PLAIN ENGLISH about the problems and pitfalls of traditional retirement planning, and introduces IUL as the solution. The DVDs are customized for you (your picture, your logo, your contact information); you then contact the lead and arrange to send or bring the DVD to them. Once they've watched the DVD, your job is to simply fill in the details about how IUL will work for them in their situation and secure the sale.
Bottom line: With good IUL leads who understand and want the product you can make a lot more money. Finally, here's a way to get those leads.

How To Get IUL Leads

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